Unconventional Spirit
Bravery, risk, challenge lead and inspire us to pursuit development and constant innovations.
Unique art
Unique, one-of-a-kind and often provocative: Sergio Villa Mobilitaly products are art pieces that are able to make every environment exclusive, stimulating, intriguing and representing people.
Visionary spirit
Sensitivity, taste, intuition in order to forecast trends, colours, shapes and fashion. Sergio Villa Mobilitaly is the benchmark for unique and timeless pieces that are always trendy.
Everything is possible, if you just want
Commitment, discipline, persistence and dedication lead Sergio Villa Mobilitaly and encourage the company not to give up.
The cult of Luxury and Beauty
Preciousness, elegance, stylish details, passion and love for beauty become Luxury: an innate value perceivable through all the unique and supreme perspectives.
Colorful Life
Life is not just "black or white", but there are plenty of colours that can be mixed together to create new shapes and artistic ideas. The creative power is the real engine of every activity at Sergio Villa Mobilitaly, giving colour, choices and options to the people.
Taylor Made
Tutti i mobili sono realizzati su misura e personalizzabili per finiture e colori.
Loving Details
Care, love for details and precision lead Sergio Villa Mobilitaly in creating and manufacturing his products.
Heart&Smile are our fuel
Without passion and enthusiasm nothing remarkable can be done. At Sergio Villa Mobilitaly love, fun and excitement are the solid foundation of the working process, converted in products able to inspire people.

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